Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Modern Halloween Costumes: New Faces in the Celebration

One of the things which characterize Halloween celebration is the costume. These are often worn in Halloween parties by hosts and guests and emphasized by their body painting and make-up. Treat-or-treaters also wear costumes to be internalize the occasion as they go from house to house to ask for candies. These clothes have been already parts of the Hallowmas celebration not just in United States but all around the world. The characters portrayed with these clothes are often zombies, witches, ghosts and vampires. Even though these faces are the common faces which depict Halloween, others still find that recurring costumes does not fit too well to the present scary status of today as influenced by the changing scenario of horror stories and films.
New Faces of Halloween Halloween costumes nowadays tend to add new faces which were recently featured in films. The following are the common faces used in these costumes these days:
·         Darth Vader
This villain from the movie series Star Wars has been an iconic character in the popular culture and is known enough to be part of Halloween parties.
·         Jigsaw
This masked serial killer is from the Saw series, one of the most sold and famous in this time.
·         Ghostface
This has been popular since the explosive premier of Scream in the 90’s. This is the mask used by the killer to conceal himself on his murder spree.
·         Jason
This machete-yielding killer has been a favorite costume today because the movie in which he is from has been a cult classic.
·         Jack Sparrow
This character from the series Pirates of Caribbean has been an epic favorite of many people.
Many more characters from movies and stories have been added to the roster of new faces used in Halloween today. This is the way in which costume stores address the changes in horror and popular films. Their recency appeals more as they are more known to the present generation.Look here for more details

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