Sunday, 7 July 2013

How can Green planet water conservation save the earth

Water is one of the most important elements in the world. It is also a vital factor for humans and other living things to survive. Indeed, human body is said to be 70 % of water. Thus, dehydration can lead to death. Promoting water conservation is a great idea to protect the nature and preserve lives. Water leaks and corroded pipes are therefore needed to be repaired so as to conserve water.Green Planet Water Conservation offers a high quality service in repairing pipes and water leak location. But first let us identify what are the factors that affect the corrosion of pipes.
Factors that cause pipe corrosion
·         The pipe corrosion may be due to the chemical characteristics of water that flows through the pipeline. These include alkalinity, hardness and pH which determines if the water will create corrosion, scale, or will be stable. Water with low pH, soft primarily noncarbonated hardness and low alkalinity will result to corrosion.
 In contrast, scale is produced by high pH, hard with primarily carbonate hardness and high alkalinity of water.
·         Other water compounds like oxygen, carbon dioxide, and dissolved solids can also be a factor that can cause corrosion. When there is a reaction between oxygen and hydrogen gas depolarization takes place leading to speed up the corrosion process. Carbon dioxide on the other hand when combine with water can form carbonic acid. This carbonic acid is responsible in decreasing the pH level of the water. Thus, with a low pH level, corrosion is likely to happen. Ions in the water contain dissolved solids. When these ions increase the electrical conductivity of the water it makes the electrolyte effective which cause the level of corrosion to heighten up.
·         The physical characteristics of water like temperature and velocity may contribute to pipe corrosion.
·         The presence of bacteria can cause corrosion as well as increasing the rate of damaging the pipes.

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