Saturday, 6 July 2013

An Overview of Martial Arts Equipment

Any contact martial arts such as Taekwondo, Karate, Kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts require you to have a protective covering against your body in order to protect you from any injury.  Karate sparring pads may consist of the following:  head guard; gloves; kicks and shin guards; gum shield; groin guard; chest protector; and bag gloves.

The Padded Sparring Gears
The following protective karate sparring pads are essential to protect oneself from injury:
  • Head Guard – provide protection against head injuries and can either be semi-full or full-contact.
  • Gloves – protect the hands and the fingers from getting bent back and just like the head guard, they can either be semi-full or full-contact.
  • Kicks and Shin Guards – protect the feet and shins from injury.
  • Groin Guard – protect the male and female sensitive body organs.
  • Gum Shield – also known as mouth piece protects both teeth from clashing together and the gums from sudden blow.  It also helps prevent brain trauma.
  • Chest Protector – is generally used for Taekwondo practitioners and is very useful for female artists to protect their sensitive body parts.
  • Bag Gloves – used to protect the knuckles during bag workouts.

Benefits of Karate Sparring Pads
Needless to say, sparring pads offer a two-way protection on both opponents.   A great example would be the gloves.  Just as when the artist protects his fingers from being bent backward, he/she also protects the opponent from being poked on the eyes.  Another point would be the multiple protections a certain gear carries.  An example would be the mouth piece that can protect the teeth, gums, and brain for possible brain trauma after a strong blow to the head.

Important Note
In buying karate sparring pads, make sure that you are buying the ones made of very light weight materials in order for you to move at a faster pace.  It is to be noted that not all sparring pads offer a perfect fit which may lead to discomfort and may affect your sparring ability and thus it is very important to be very meticulous in choosing the ones made up of very light materials.For more details, go here .

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