Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Women’s Lacoste Shoes Are Here to Stay

The Lacoste brand started in 1933 as a maker of tennis footwear and apparel. It has since then ascended as one of the most recognizable fashion brands in the world today. The brand’s founder, French tennis player René Lacoste, was nicknamed “The Crocodile”; hence the logo.
Adapting to the Times
True to its tennis roots, Lacoste’s trainers are made to last, while still complementing other pieces of clothing well. As an international brand, Lacoste products are made with only the highest-quality materials and are designed and built meticulously, keeping yearly trends in mind while prioritizing simplicity. This rings truer for women, who are generally more conscious of their looks. For that sporty look your wife, girlfriend, or any other female significant other is always dreaming of, get her a pair of Lacoste trainers and have her wear these along with trousers and golf pants. She will thank you greatly.
Not Hard on the Feet
Because womens Lacoste shoes were originally made for sports, they are designed not to be too taxing on the feet, compared to the stereotyped high heels. In fact, several medical studies have shown that habitual high heel wearers suffer more aches and strains in their feet’s muscular areas. Those wearers also are more likely to get blisters due to their feet’s skin rubbing against the shoes’ interiors, especially when the high heels do not fit. So why subject your feet to torture just to be a fashionista? Get an equally fashionable pair of trainers instead.
Fashionable Discounts
Want to get a pair of Lacoste trainers but not even one shop in your area is carrying one? You can get one online instead. Some online stores even offer 20% to 40% discounts on those trainers, so why not grab several pairs and build a collection that will even make Imelda Marcos blush? And keep in mind, stay away from online stores that sell fakes for ridiculously cheap prices. Fakes will only drag your fashionista credentials down. For more details, go here http://womenslacosteshoes.com/

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