Monday, 17 June 2013

Half hourly meter (Smart Meters) for business electric users

Business electric bills can cost too much sometimes and small time business owners have a very hard time keeping up with all the bills staking up. It is very nice to pay only what you are using ad paying for excess can be so much of a hassle. There is a smart meter that can help business owners have the exact amount of energy that they have used, it is called the half hourly meter. 

What is the difference of half hourly meter to regular meters?
Smart meters can serve a lot of use for business electric supplier as it can read accurate power usage. Unlike regular meters, smart meters will send information about power via phone straight to business electric provider. Some of its benefits are:
·         Smart meters have accurate reading and it will send business electric consumption readings twice a day.
·         Smart meters have In House-Display to help business owners know how much they are using. Using this kind of utility will not only notify them how much they had used but it can also warn them excessive use of energy. This will allow business owners have full control on their power consumption
·         As it may notify business owners their power consumption, they will be able to save energy and lower their C02 emission as increase power usage can cause in increase of c02 emission. This kind of meters is an environmental friendly meter.
Other useful utilities of smart meters
·         Smart meters can store up to 13 months hourly (not just 12 months) consumption data.
·         A guideline for ambient feedback (ex. non-numerical display features of the IHD, visual) is available in every smart meter that will enable users to have more control on their power usage.For more details, go here

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