Tuesday, 18 June 2013

multi fuel stoves leeds

Heating the home in the winter time is additional expense compared to days when the climate is better and the temperatures are just right.  Long cold spells will require more fuel to burn in stoves that heat a house therefore more cost.  Firewood for wood burning stoves can run short during long winters. 

A good stove to have will be multi fuel stoves leeds that can be fired by different types of fuel.  This will give a house owner alternative fuels to use in case one runs out or supply is low.  A multi fuel stove will have grates where fuel burns on them so ash will fall under the grates.


There are quite a number of designs on how multi fuel stoves are made.  Different shapes and sizes are also available for the desired heat it could generate for a specified area of a house.  Most, if not all, are made of cast iron or steel to withstand high temperatures generated by the stove.  The common shape of stoves is rectangular box with glass doors.

The glass doors are so designed to be kept clean by an air wash system within the stove.  It is important to keep the glass clean to be able to observe that the fire is consistently burning.

Choice of fuel

Multi fuel stoves leeds will be able to burn wood, coal, wood pellets or peat.  Of course the best choice of fuel is wood because of their size and availability.  Coal will be a good second choice because it takes to burn longer than wood.  It is more expensive than wood but the cost could be offset with its longer burn time compared to wood.For more details, go here, http://www.shirefires.co.uk/

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