Tuesday, 7 May 2013

soundproofing floors

Living under another floor of an apartment or condominium that’s got wooden floors can be very irritating especially if there are playful children living in that upper floor.  It’s hard to control children of very young age to tell them to keep quiet.  Soundproofing the ceiling is an expensive thing to do.

Soundproofing floors is the most practical way to minimize the noise that can be heard by someone living under that floor.


  Should those living below need to sleep in daytime, it will be hard to get some sleep at all.

Easy way to soundproof floors

Wall to wall carpeting is a favorite in homes that can afford and maintain them.  It is soft to the feet and hardly generates a sound when people walk on them. People in the house take extra care not to spill anything on the rug.  Evenif chair is dragged around on the floor maybe only a faint sound can be heard.
Floor carpets are at least two inches thick when laid on the floor with one inch under it as rubberized foam.  The foam adds to the softness of the carpet at the same time providing noise insulation.  It is only in the areas where heavy furniture is located that the carpet flattens out including the foam.

Sound insulation layers for floors  

Acoustic underlayment is the first layer put on top of a wooden floor that laps up the walls.  The next layer will be an acoustic mat topped by floating tongue-and-groove chipboard floor.  Finally, on top of it, is the laminate underlayment floor then the laminate floor.  To hold them together, molding is fixed on top of the sides meeting the wall.

The combination of the layers makes soundproofing floors very reliable in minimizing sounds telegraphed beneath it.  Again, heavy objects and furniture fixed in their location on top of them can cause some dents or marks because of weight pressure.For more details, go here, http://www.westcoastsoundsolutions.com/

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