Monday, 6 May 2013

military mre for sale

The military was the first of all people in the world to benefit from meals ready to eat for soldiers who are in the battlefield.  They are able to consume those meals way long before they expire.  Unfortunately, there are also many of military mre that were issued but were not used.  It was not a problem for them because it had a long shelf life and could still be used by soldiers in case they no alternative but to eat them.

More business minded soldiers have considered selling their unused allocated MREs in the field.  It is too selfish for the military to ask them to be returned.  It then narrates to quick money for soldiers by them to those who are in need of survival meals.

What to look out for in military mre for sale

Military mres have dates stamped on them.  Usually it will be the date it was packed followed by the date they were inspected in their packages.  However, the content of the packages will also have dates stamped on them but not too far apart from each other.  The dates will indicate how much longer the shelf life of the food in them are still good for use.

In 1997, the government posted a notice on Military MREs that says “U.S. Government Property – Commercial Resale is Unlawful”.  This prevented sale of Military MREs by volume.  However, there are still many of them that could be found especially in the ‘black market’.

Where to find military mre for sale

To find military mre, there are three main sources: EBay, people in the military and army surplus outlets or stores.  If they have auctions in bulk or in volume there’s a big chance they are not genuine military issued mres.  Many manufacturers of MREs have gone to the extent of faking their products to be military issued.  Beware, check out on the internet true military issued mres photos to make sure you are buying the right thing.

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