Friday, 4 January 2013

Keep Your Dog Safe with Big Dog Leash

Giving your dog a short walk in the park definitely calls for the best choice for a big dog leash .Buying a leash that perfectly suits your home buddy is such a great notion to invest. In fact, this is the best gift that an owner can give to its precious new friend. Choosing the best dog leash is a challenging yet pleasurable task to do.

A dog leash, to be considered as a high quality one, must match your dog’s breed, size and age. You should also need to decide on the color to choose. “What color accentuates my dog?”
Getting your dog a leash is not for training purposes alone. As a matter of fact, a dog leash does not only safeguard your pup; but, it is a stunning way to bring out the trendiest look for your dog.
Things to Know about Dog Leashes
1.       Leashes for training dogs are typically referred to as training leads. Teaching your dogs some useful commands especially outside the house can never be effective without it.   Commands like “come”, “heel”, and stay will definitely savehim from any harm.
2.       Leather, nylon and cotton are the three most common materials in making a traditional dog leash. A nylon leash entails a reflective strap for an extra sprinkle of safety for both the dog and its handler. A six-foot long leash is suggested for an easy and comfortable walk in the park.

3.       Retractable leash is a known lead type too. This kind of specialized dog leash gives your pup a little freedom that other traditional leashes can’t do.
4.       Traditional dog leashes come in single and double styles. No matter what style you opt for, make sure to always keep it loose-fitting. Never hold on tight to it. This will provoke your pup to pull harder.
5.       Show dominance on your pup. However, don’t be tough in throwing simple commands to him while on the leash. Simply tug him gently to let the latter obey your commands.
Whatever leash type or design you choose, your friend’s safety dependson your bare hands. 

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