Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Corporate Identity Dubai: Some Pointers for Review

When establishing your own corporate identity, it's important to remember that the more customers can immediately recall your organization (from its products to its logo), the likelier it is for you to gain a solid connection with your consumer base. Being bland and forgettable can be just as troublesome for companies as being hated and ridiculed; both are PR nightmares.  Corporate Identity Dubai is all about making your company less of an abstract concept and more of a relatable entity that provides them with everything that they need. In order to create solid branding and corporate identity, you should know both your customers and your products and services like the back of your hand. The logo, the name, and the colors that define your company are mere representations of how you want to position your brand in your clientele's minds.

Establishing Your Corporate identity the Right Way

·         Before you can design your logo, you need to center your company under one concept or message. Your logo should serve as a representative of that singular concept. Even nations have their own "corporate" identity going on. The United States of America and everything about it is defined by the singular concept of "freedom". For Japan, everything about it is defined by "Honor" or "Pride".

·         Dreamworks, for example, started off as the "Anti-Disney" with movies that pushed through boundaries that Disney (movies) at the time wouldn't touch. That's not to say they abandoned making wholesome, family entertainment; they just approached it in ways that parodied the Disney formula (Shrek) or featured more misfits and Byronic heroes when compared to the Fairy Tale lore that Disney was obsessed about.

·         Everything about a given organization... from its colors to its logo... must represent a certain positive concept that it must center its whole characteristics on. Your logo shouldn't define what your company is all about; it should be the other way around. It should carry the image of the company, but to do that, you should be aware of your company's image. Define yourself, your product, and your audience.

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