Thursday, 15 November 2012

Follow the Locals in the Restaurants in Tucson

Restaurants in Tucson alone are worth the trip to Southern Arizona. Tucson conjures up images of the Wild West and Mexican food but what often amazes people is the abundant variety of gastronomic delight in the desert oasis. With a town dedicated to history, nature, shopping and dining; you can stumble upon quaint restaurants in the middle of art galleries and museums, and hip watering holes in between posh boutiques and just about every stall of comfort food there is. Here are some of the local favorites that you may want to start with.
Blue Willow
Often hidden from tourists with its unassuming location, Tucson Restaurants locals will swear that the food is so delicious that it can actually distract you from your thoughts and the conversations you are having at the moment. Remember that saying, ‘so good, it will make you forget all about your momma?’ Well here it is at Blue Willow. Food is just as important as atmosphere with its patio dining and friendly staff.
Recommendations: Chicken and Green Chili Omelette
Frost Gelato
It’s not an ice cream which means only 3% to 8% butterfat - less the guilt and more of the good stuff. Gelato at Frost may be one of the silkiest and coolest frozen treats you could possibly have and with so much assortment of flavors and add on to play with!
Recommendations: Everything!
Shlomo and Vito
A New York delicatessen in Tucson. This is how this gem of a restaurant is often described. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and we thank the heavens for it. Everything is just a sinful taste of what the gods and goddesses must eat.
Recommendations: breakfast entrees and gluten-free desserts
With OPA, you can never tell what it is. Is it the atmosphere that reverberates between modern chic and traditional Mediterranean or the simply fabulous and too good to be true food?
Recommendations: Stuffed Athenian Chicken, Saganaki

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