Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The New Mosin Nagant

The History:
Mosin Nagant is a rifle brand that started out in Russia in 1891. It was Emile Nagant who made the first rifles and then the manufacture of the firearms spread to China, North Korea, USA, France, Finland, and Switzerland. The distinguishing characteristics of the old Mosin Nagants include the wooden body and the bayonet on the M44. The rifles’ Barrel shanks served as an ID for people to determine where it was made from the different places that had arsenals for the guns at the time.

Gun Specifications:
Since people never lost their interest in the Mosin Nagant and gun enthusiasts even collected the first models of the guns, The Archangel was born. This is the modern and newest breed of Mosin Nagant. The gun is sold for $200 dollars and also uses a new Mosin Nagant magazine. The new magazines could hold five rounds or ten rounds of ammunition and is being sold from $20-25 depending on the ammunition capacity. The Archangel shares the same easy to clean and maintain characteristics of the older wooden guns. It has a drop in fit and is built from high quality and light weight carbon fiber material and is supported by a polymer material. It also delivers accurate shots and works with a Timney trigger and an optional barrel tensioner. It also has an adjustable cheek riser and a thick recoil pad with a small storage compartment.

This new breed of Mosin Nagant has already been all over the internet although they do not have a solo product page yet. There had been several reviews written about it and the stocks are already available with the new magazine. With a very low price and this much promises with regards to performance and quality, this gun is really something that rifle buffs will be looking after.

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