Saturday, 22 December 2012

Amber Jewellery: Amber as Precious Gemstones

To make people look unique and beautiful, they use jewelleries that are made with diamonds, pearls and other gemstones.  It adds extra beauty and elegance when a person uses these jewelleries.  These gemstones are used in making jewelleries that can greatly improve those who wear them. 
About Amber
When we talk or even think about gemstones, we can never forget amber.  Even if amber is not originated from minerals, yet, amber is considered to be one of the priceless gemstones.   For some people, amber is regarded as Northern Gold.  It has been said that when someone owns any amber jewellery, that person is regarded to be lucky and filthy rich because amber jewellery has been considered as precious and unique. 
The Origin of Amber Jewellery
In some countries, amber is used in amulets and talismans.  It is believed that since amber comes from the fossil resin of vegetable origin, so for some it is believed that amber is a gemstone from the creator.  Even in some countries in Asia, specifically India, amber is used as a necklace for children to keep them away from any harm.  That is the power believed to be embedded in amber; it drives away evil thoughts and spirits. Aside from being a powerful force against evil thoughts and spirits, amber is also known as a powerful healing source that produces electrical energy especially when rubbed with cloth.  Amber is also known to be an effective gemstone in removing the complications of all relationships.  As a main component of resin, it is a binder, and since amber comes from resin, so it binds relationships and makes it stronger. 
Today however, although not many believe in the power of amber, many still believe in its beauty which is why you can now be able to purchase great looking well-designed amber jewelry on the market. 

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