Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Quick Overview Of Singapore Company Formation

Foreign Companies Choose Singapore
A lot of companies from different parts of the world put up or branch out to Singapore. This country is well populated and their economy is stable. That means people have a lot of money to spend on different products such as food, gadgets and many more. Companies who want to put up offices or branches in Singapore must register first. There are a lot of things that needs to be remembered. This article will give you some tips on what you need to expect when registering a company in Singapore.
Steps that Need to be Remembered
¾     Find a good service firm that can help you in registering your company
¾     Pass an application to the ACRA or Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore
¾     Your company must have a director who lives in Singapore
¾     One shareholder is needed to be in Singapore
This is just some of the many things you should remember. If you want more details, you should visit a website or a blog that talks about these kinds of things. Knowing these things will help you prepare yourself as well as your company with all the paper works needed.

Earn Big in Singapore
The reason why companies put up branches in Singapore is that they can really get huge profits in that country. The culture of the country is to indulge in the good things in life. That is why people from Singapore spend a lot of money for themselves as well as their family. Register company in Singapore now in order for you to get started on the different requirements needed. Do not waste your time and put up a company in Singapore while their economy is great and stable. A lot of companies have increased their profit in Singapore alone.

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